January 17, 2008

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Columbia Should Take the High Road…

Seriously...Does anyone realize that when we visit Richland County for tax business, that we are feeding parking meters that belong to the City of Columbia? WUT!?This seems pretty odd. If anyone wants to discuss their tax bill, or even pay their … [Continue reading]

Hotsheet – Jan. 16, 2008

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It’s Our Turn… Republicans First

The Michigan primaries are over. Now, earth rotates it's attention to The Palmetto State. The Republicans are up first, as the primary is set for this Saturday.Now that the GOP has three different winners in four contests, the field is wide open. … [Continue reading]

Hotsheet – Jan 15, 2008

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Oscar’s…or Oscar?

Is the entertainment industry plucking the geese that lay their golden eggs? I don't know who's right or wrong over on the west side, but this thing has been going on so long, that I've found that I can just go do something else.Whatever the theory, … [Continue reading]

January 14, 2007

Hotsheet - 1/14/07Click on "Hotsheet - 1/14/07" to get to the listings. When you click on the home, the listing sheet should pop up.Remember, these are not my listings. They are today's new listings (some are re-list's) from downtown, to Blythewood … [Continue reading]

THE HOTSHEET; The New Columbia Real Estate Binnoculars…

Search New Listings Like REALTORS...On MLS, we have something called the "Hotsheet." The Hotsheet shows what has been put on the market every day. It is a pretty good tool, and I try to utilize it to its full potential when I list a house (If you are … [Continue reading]

BofA is Buying Countrywide

Some are calling Bank of America's purchase of Countrywide a "non-government bailout". In any other market, this deal would probably be halted in the halls of Congress, in the name of "anti-trust." Either way, Bank of America is now the nations … [Continue reading]


CountrywideCountrywide Financial CorpCFC takeover, if it were to happen, would be “brilliant,” Cramer said. It would take Countrywide off the government’s hands and it’s a windfall for BoA (the stock was up on the news of the talks). A deal like this … [Continue reading]