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Feb. 11 – Feb. 16, 2008

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A Little Bit Awful…

I know the chances are slim, but if you ever run into this person... please briskly walk away.I just watched one of the most unfomfortable 30 minutes of TV, that I can remember. … [Continue reading]

Free Screen Cleaner!

Get you computer screen cleaned for free, with no effort. Click here...https://emp.ucsd.edu/swf/screenclean.swf . My car windows get this treatment on a regular basis... … [Continue reading]

$3 Million = Columbia’s Pocket Change

For the last few years, the general rule has been that if you owe about $100.00 in parking tickets, you get towed. If you are lucky, you can catch the "meter maid" before he/she calls the tow company...but you better have cash.Columbia (WLTX) -- When … [Continue reading]

For a Good Laugh, Watch This…

HA! This is pretty funny. You will laugh, as you shake your head at this Hitler/Gamecock spoof...You may have seen this 10 times. If you haven't, click the link below...>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oADv2ZWozSg … [Continue reading]

Feb. 4, 2008 – Feb 8, 2008 New Listings…

>>This Weeks New Listings... … [Continue reading]

Cherry Cola

State of the City; 5 challenges facing ColumbiaToday, The State Newspaper wrote a story about 5 challenges that face our city. As their points may be valid, I would like to mention one more; Our *&^%^& RED LIGHT SYSTEM!!!.Our red light system is so … [Continue reading]

Jan 28, 2007 – Feb 3, 2008

>>This Weeks New Columbia Listings... … [Continue reading]

Worst Logo Ever?

WUT? Madison Avenue should be ashamed... Ok. Virginia Tech has one of the worst color combinations in all of college sports. However, the NFL seems to think that it needs a little turquoise. Wut???What we have here, is one of the most awful branding … [Continue reading]

10 Tombee Ct. is Coming To Market…

Kings GrantThis home will be on the market soon. It has four bedrooms with a very large master. My favorite features are probably the awesome portico and manicured backyard. It backs up to the walking trail, which is rare and a big asset. Yet to be … [Continue reading]