Our “Motorboat” Had A Big Weekend!

After declaring in this post that everyone should’ve concentrated on having great time on and around Independence Day, we decided to carry it on into the weekend, too.  

On Saturday night, Rockbridge threw a huge celebration party, complete with DJ, BBQ, jerk chicken, tons of sides, and a pool and pool deck slammed with friendly folks.  

As you can see from the pics above, the kids had a great time. I think at any one time the line to the diving board was seven to 10 deep. It’s the most folks I’ve ever seen at the pool, by far. In fact, the pic above doesn’t do the crowd justice, as the pool curves around to the right where most folks are hanging out.

As you can see too, Finley was as patriotic as her mommy could get her! The “Motorboat” (yes, that’s what I call her right now because of the way she kicks in the water), had a HUGE time. Notice the juice resting, feet crossed, a bucket of cheerios, and that smile. We had such a good time, I think FJ hit her bed around 10 that night. Worth. It.

According to my Twitter and Facebook feeds, it looks like a big time was had by everyone this weekend. For Jennifer, Finley, and me, it was no different! Well done, Rockbridge.

As fun as last week was, I’m drooling for Monday so we can get back to the work routine.

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