Our Daddy/Daughter Snowman of ’14.

SnowmanSnowman1Late Wednesday afternoon, after the entire family stayed in our jammers almost all day long, my four year old decided she wanted to build a snowman.  OK, let’s go.

What you see in the pics is a lazy person’s/try to make your daughter happy snowman.  Here’s the scene.  Neither one of us had water proof gloves on.  So, I started kicking and packing snow together in the form of a circle.  Finley followed along and all the sudden we’re making something together with our boots. 

The first version had brown Tootsie Roll eyes and a mouth and buttons made of orange and yellow Spree.  After a few minutes, the candy began to bleed into the snow a little. This began to bother me a little.  It didn’t matter because Finley ended up eating most the candy details anyway. 

After a few laps around the house (We just moved here, so I was looking for stuff I hadn’t noticed before), I found the blue plant water dripping device and a red solo cup.  Admittedly, after I found the old Solo Cup, I did put an F|A liquor cup in the fella’s ‘hand,’ but it didn’t show up well in a photo.  We added the Starbucks K-Cup buttons and a pink Bumbo to personalize it a little.   All the sudden our creation looks like a passed out snowman that doesn’t want to go back in the house full of crying babies.  🙂

Anyway, that’s our snowman for 2014!   The second pic above is the view from Google Space.  Haha.

In case you’re wondering, yes he changed from boots to Crocs overnight.

Thank you!


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