Only A Few Miles Away, Rockbridge Fits

For a while now, I’ve been debating on whether to join a local social organization, or “club.”  Years ago, tons of my friends and I belonged to The University Club.  It was awesome, until Mr. Ginn kicked us all out so he could build his vision, Cobblestone Park.  To compensate for the golf loss, I pulled the trigger on The Capital City Club.  It seemed like a nice fit, as it reciprocated with a number of golf courses around the Midlands.  The dues were very reasonable, as back then I qualified as a junior member.

Fast forward a few years.  With a two and a half year old in tow, we may have found the best match for our needs.  Last week, Jennifer and I (and Finley) joined Rockbridge Tennis and Swim Club.  It’s kinda awesome.

Hear me out:  As great as Riverbanks Zoo is for our community, it just doesn’t seem to draw me out of the house (off the sofa) like I need it to.  Don’t get me wrong, Finley loves it.  However, it’s Famously Hot in Columbia, and that matters when it comes to a two year old.  EdVenture is a big deal too, and we are members, but I don’t see us spending entire summers there.  Further still, living in Shandon is awesome.  We’re surrounded by parks and enjoy walking and towing the kiddo behind our bikes.  Again, enter the heat.

Thinking further, given the work load we have going on at CBUR, and given I love being w/ Jen & Finley at night and on the weekends, golf is over for a while.  Enter, Rockbridge.

I should insert here that Jennifer is a much better golfer than I am.  Even so, golf has become a time sponge, and we just can’t make it work more than a few times a year.

Rockbridge Club has been around a long time.  Nestled between the fuzzy border line of Forest Acres and Arcadia Lakes, Rockbridge used to have a nine hole golf course and ice skating rink.  Today, Rockbridge is an expansive, lively social experience that focuses on tennis and swimming, big time.

Rockbridge annually produces competitive tennis and swimming teams on a statewide level.  From the moment you enter the clubhouses, you’re well aware how serious they are about both activities.  Lessons, camps, tournaments, events and parties … this place does it up.   After all, notice the two diving/spring boards in the pic.  This isn’t just a neighborhood wading tub.

The tennis is as good as it gets in Columbia, SC.  Rockbridge sports five hard courts and five clay.  The topography of the courts is pretty cool.  It’s almost like you’re playing in the mountains.  Today I let the ball machine wear me out on Court 10, sky high above the others.  The clubhouse feels new and clean and is always staffed.

The pic above is a good snapshot of the pool house but not of the full pool experience.  The pool is huge.  It has lots of decks and chairs, primo landscaping, and the little ones enjoy a nice 1′ deep kiddie pool.   There are two lifeguards, the music starts at 5:00PM, and the beer is famously $1.00.

Given the stage our little family is in right now, Rockbridge may be primo perfect for us.  We’ve been three days in a row now, and we even spent a little while Sunday afternoon in Target gathering a few pool toys for the weeks to come (floaties, goggles, noodles and stuff).

Here’s the vision: After banging tennis balls (sweating) for an hour or so, step down to the pool where Finley will screech, “DaDDaaaaay!!!”   BOOM.  That’s it.  Totally worth it, and can’t wait for the next time.

Thank you, Rockbridge, for having us…

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