One Plus One, Does Not Equal Two…

Perfect Microcosm Of How Teamwork Is Working
Two months ago, the Coldwell Banker brass started two month contest where by each Realtor includes a business card with every new listing submitted. All cards are placed into a fishbowl. At the end of the competition, an iPad will be given to the card drawn from the bowl. Score!! We’ll see…

The pic above is the latest listing count for the two months to date, which was posted three or four days ago. As you can see, there’s quite a spread, which is a perfect snapshot of how teamwork “works.” What I’m getting at is, our model of two Realtors working together returns action which is compounded exponentially. In short, 1 + 1 equals far more than Amanda and I could have produced as individual Realtors (Her name should be in the box, too).

Since they taped the page above to the doors around our building, the amount of office mates that stroll in our space saying, “44? In two months?” is quite humbling. Thanks to Team Manager, Amy, for keeping us straight!

It’s going to be “ugh!!” AND kinda funny, if we don’t win the iPad for our region (3 iPads total, 1 for each region). Oh well…..we’ll see! It doesn’t matter, really, as we keep the pedal to the metal, either way.

In case you’re wondering about the black, blocked out portion of the pic, I covered the names of my office mates with a nearby brochure. Even though there are big numbers to be proud of, in no way will I expose my colleague’s numbers. Simply, they may not appreciate that, and it just wouldn’t be cool.

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