One Hundred Closings – Year To Date…

Around 3:00 PM Thursday I proudly sat beside one of my sellers at a downtown Columbia law firm. After about an hour of transferring blue ink from pen to paper, and a cordial exchanging of the keys, we closed on our ONE HUNDREDTH “side” of 2012. Two salespeople, one team manager. Whoa….
Many blog posts ago, I wrote about how Amanda and I tried to recruit each other to join our respective real estate firms. At the time, she had a great business going with another franchise.
Remember when Za’s was PACKED every Thursday night? This is when most of the recruiting banter/wars took place. More often than not, whenever she and I started jawing about real estate, most of our buds would be so bored they’d leave the conversation immediately. Can’t say I blame them!
Fast forwarding to today, I don’t think either one of us had any idea we’d be closing 100 “sides” seven months into 2012 (remember, there’s a seller “side” and a buyer “side” to each deal).
Over the years we’ve closed a lot of volume and units, but nothing like this. I suppose there’s a myriad of explanations for the boost. Team chemistry, perhaps? Who knows. The crux that possibly holds the most weight is that Amy (Team Manager) is back full-time.  
When Amanda joined me @ Coldwell Banker, Amy was a full-time mom of her baby boy. This was tough timing for the team. Too bad, however, as nothing could be done. After all, we all know how backed up the “Day School” situation is in downtown Columbia, SC. Anyway, Amy tried to do all the detail management “stuff” from home. We got it all done, but it was a huge clog in the pipeline. Now we’re well-oiled, and all systems are a GO.
Typing through this blog doesn’t properly project the “Thank Yous!!!!,” I/we owe. Yes, we hustle and work hard, but when it’s broken down and observed from a bird’s-eye view, it’s the loyalty and referral network of our sphere of friends that makes this kind of volume happen. It’s over the top. In short, it’s the best real estate network in South Carolina.
This may sound odd, but I’m chomping to get to the office tomorrow. Hustling at this pace is part of the gig, and we love making stuff happen. It’s about 1:38AM right now, and I’m about to answer a bunch of emails. “Pawn Stars” is on TV, btw.
We’ll see in December where this years ends up. Hopefully, we can keep up the pace and continue to make our clients proud.
Thank you for a great year, and as Amanda texted me earlier…”Here’s to the next 1,000!!!”.


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  3. admin_teamfranklin says

    Anonymous #1 – Thank you! We’re trying our best to keep this grand project going! FJ

  4. admin_teamfranklin says

    Anonymous #2 – We don’t advertise it much. Every now and then I’ll hook it to Twitter or Facebook, but that’s about it.

    You got it! Since Facebook and Twitter have come around, everyone pretty much knows everything that’s going on. With that, I just have to go with it and put my own thoughts into what’s already out there.

    Thank you! FJ

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