Off to Litchfield! Anyone need anything?…Maybe a marshfront condo?

This is the week that I am guaranteed to get in “tiffs” with my wife. I am constantly on the phone and always on email, even while our feet are in the sand. Just try not to picture me in a beach chair with phone and Treo on belly, searchin MLS with earbob blinkin’ in ear….ooof. She especially loves it when I have to go to the closest coffee shop to get a fax or two, when everyone else is going to Louis’s or something. She LOOOVES that. 2nd Ooof. But, it is the nature of the business…and, as you know, I am determined for my clients to know they are taken care of.

We have rolled out a new product of communication. If you need anything, call 888.331.COLA. When you dial this number, it will email your number and message to Amy (Ackerman) and me. This way, I will get a ring AND an email. Ring it if you don’t get me on 447.VOTE.

As I say above, I have good reception at this particular condo. Also, if you need anything, Amy Ackerman knows about all of my deals and will be sitting in my chair for the week. She can submit an offer, counteroffer, show houses or whatever you need her to do. She has a Treo, so you can reach her anytime, if you need local assistance. You can also reach her at my office phone of 758.1NOW or the 888 number.

You can also reach another REAL|TEAM member, Caroline Milliken. She also offices with me and can help you with anything, especially with popping a house open.

Anyway, know that you are taken care of.

Thanks! Communicate however you want, and I will see you next week.


  1. Enjoy some vodka for me while you’re down there…I’ll be home waiting for my pregnant belly to pop out. Don’t worry about your business, I’m sure your team will be able to hold down the fort for you while you’re gone-but don’t stay gone for too long!

  2. His wife really isn’t that bad. She just wants to enjoy the beach with her new husband!

  3. Anonymous says

    Sometimes you just need to spend some time with the wife and friends and put work on the backburner. It will all be here when you return. Family is much more important!! By the way you need a vacation!!

  4. sparkie,

    No, you really aren’t “that bad,” Darling Girl. But you have been known to get pretty fussy with me when we are on vacation. For the first time though, I have a team in place, so our vacation should be a tad smoother.


  5. anonymous,

    You are so right, and a tinch “sorta” right. If it weren’t for my real estate business, I couldn’t have a vacation ! My buyer’s and seller’s are SO important to me, it makes vacation diffcult.

    I have heard that if one doesn’t get away though, one get’s “burned out”. No one wants that to happen. We are determined to be the best team in the midlands, so vacation makes it hard, in the mind anyway.

    Thanks for the words of enlightenment!! I will try to practice your thoughts.

    Remember everyone, if you need anything….888.331.COLA, 758.1NOW, 447.VOTE or!

  6. You’re an incredible golfer.

    – Eldrick ” Tiger ” Woods

  7. tw,

    Hahahaaha. Pawley’s Plantation tomorrow. The back 9 may be one of the best in S.C. The views are awesome from 6 of the 9 holes.

  8. We played golf at Pawley’s Plantation today. It was beautiful. The scores were hideous.

    Pawley’s Plantation may be the hardest golf course one can play without spending a billion dollars. Man, is it tough.

    The view makes it worth the “grind” though. The back 9 features some of the best view of the 100+ courses on our coast.

    The fella’s that participate in our annual “Major Championship Week,” feel the pain when they hit Pawleys’s. Oooof.

    Next? The incredibly manicured “Caledonia.”

  9. Anonymous says

    Franklin Jones posts an 84 at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club !!!!!!

  10. forge ahead says

    Hola Amigo,

    You need a vacation…

    I thought I was getting one until they unfortunately had internet service in Mexico and you could track me down…glad to be back. I will bill you for my services…i gotta feeling my texting wasn’t free. Nor my messaging relay service


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