#Occupy Palmetto Baptist. Here I Come!

No Drama Intended…Just A Scheduling Heads Up
Friday at noon, I have the distinct displeasure of arriving at Palmetto Baptist Hospital. It’s no HUUUGE whoop, but tomorrow I’m finally (hopefully) getting rid of a pesky cyst. If you know me well, you’re aware that I’ve been messing with this thing for almost 20 years. Awful!

Tomorrow, Dr. Hugh Wilcox and his team will knock me out and Doc will put the scalpel to me. In short, I’m about to go through a pretty uncomfy experience. I’m typing about this simply to inform folks that I’m going to be on major pain meds for a couple of days, and immobile (can’t drive at all) for almost a week. Grody visual: For a month or so, I’m gonna have a hole in my back an iPhone could fit in. 🙁

I strategically nestled the surgery between Thanksgiving and Christmas, thinking most folks would be focused on things other than real estate. Conversely, my seemingly clever thoughts backfired, as we are super hot pouring listings in and working about a dozen Pending Contracts. #BUSY!

Enter… “Teamwork.” Amandaqpayne@live.com and aackerman@cbunited.com have everything covered, all the way around. As we all sit less than four feet from each other, they both know everything…about everything. What I’m getting at is…..for the next couple of days, you’ll get a much quicker response by contacting Amy or Amanda directly with any thoughts, requests, or inquires.

Thank you for understanding, and for reading about a less than pleasurable subject. I’ll be back next week a new person!

PS: I’m due to post a HotSheet, and will get it out in a day or two. Thank you!


  1. With the exception of the birth of a child no one ever wants to be in a hospital but here's to hoping that your visit to Baptist is not a displeasure and that the staff provides you the same treatment they'd want for their families and themselves.

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