The New ‘Selfie’ Err’Body Loves To Hate.

ObamaSelfieBushBonoSelfieToday we couldn’t help but watch our Facebook pages get hammered with images of President Obama taking part in a ‘selfie” at Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

Haters that hate just to hate had a field day. Here’s the thing. This wasn’t the regular good ole’ Southern small church funeral we’re all used to.  It was an event. It was a four hour celebration of life within a culture most of us know ZERO about. 

Before anyone goes bat nut on me, and to level a few things out, check the second pic above.  Welcome Mr. President, and lead singer of a band. There ya go.  All should be better now…

All I’m getting at is that I wish some of my friends (some of whom are super smart), regardless of party affiliation, would check out some context before they go all “knee-jerk gotcha” on a photo we don’t know much about.



  1. Cheryl Cooper says

    Thank you Franklin. Well said.

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