O-Fensive E-Fence…Now On D-Fence.

While I haven’t had too much time for the news this week, I feel compelled to type on something that caught my ear this morning on “Morning Joe, and kept popping up throughout the day.

What’s the big whoop, you ask? Herman Cain’s idea/joke to put a fence between the Texas – Mexican border.

Let me be clear. I don’t pretend to be any expert regarding immigration, or border control. Further, I don’t pretend to be a fence expert, either.

Disclaimers disclosed,… I’m not sure what the big deal is.

The other day, at a campaign stop in Tennessee, Cain said, “We’re going to have a real fence. 20 feet high with barbed wire. Electrified. With a sign on the other side that says, ‘It can kill you!’ ”

If it’s the “…kill you,” part, I can understand how that may be pretty rough talk. But let’s think about this. If the sign says it, in English and Spanish, whether true or not, shouldn’t it be taken seriously, and therefore the point? I mean, is the stupid fence supposed to keep folks out or not? If no, should we just erect a picket fence? If this is the case, will an illegal alien build the fence, and whitewash it, too? I mean, really….

Since all the hubub of an apparently slow news week, Mr. Cain has attempted to spin his fence thoughts as, “a joke.”

Bu-dump, bump, for Mr. Cain…on both ends. Instead of saying, “It was a joke,” Mr. Cain probably should have said something more on the lines of, “I’m sorry for the way that came out. I just want to build a strong and effective fence.”

I mean really, is a fence supposed to properly work, or not? I can see where the sign should read, “DANGER” or, “KEEP OUT,” or, “COULD CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY.” Further thinking on the subject, but given our litigious society an, “It Can Kill You” sign, protects the U.S. on the front end from someone, or another government from filing suit against the United States. Kidding here, but wouldn’t that be the ultimate disclaimer…??

Again, I’m certainly not weighing in on any immigration issue. I’m simply putting a thought out there whereby if someone builds a fence, should it work as intended, or should it just be a symbolic diplomatic gesture?

Really and trully, how effective is this plan, anyway? All folks have to do is put a heavy rock on the gas pedal of a massive bulldozer to wreak havoc on any fence. Or, further, just set up a 20′ “A” ladder, and take a nice hop to ‘freedom.’ Further still, for convenience sake, why not just roll up a nice shiny 22′ escalator…?

In short, C’mon Man…

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