Owner Of NuttallTire.com Saves The Day

BentleyOver the past few days a story has been circulating about a family pet that escaped from a home while the family was hundreds of miles away at Disney World. Two dogs escaped, actually. The first furry pet was found quickly, but “Bentley” was still lost as the family returned home. Eric and Jennifer are friends of mine, and their heartbroken daughter attends the same day school as my little girl.

As I understand it, Bentley was found Thursday as the owner of local automobile shop, Nuttalls, ran across him earlier this week and kept him until the owners came forward. Shew!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost a dog before and it is awful. To this day I still consider “Boaz” my life dog, and the day I learned he was hit by a car was a life altering event. After I decided to put him down, I wrapped myself in a blanket and was completely worthless for two or three days. Almost 20 years later, I still think about it. In the grand scheme of thing it may sound trivial, but losing a dog is a big deal.

Hooray for the family and especially for their little girl, and Bentley himself.

Shout out to www.WISTV.com and the power of Facebook for getting the word out. Moreover, Thank You to the otherwise busy owner of Nuttalls. He didn’t have to take Bentley in, but his actions saved a family a lot of sorrow and heartache.

Well done, sir.


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