Not Really My Wheelhouse, But…

For Rent Key Means Lease Or Rental.Not to put a big crowbar in the cog of the blog, but I need to help some of my sellers outside of my usual practice. What’s the big deal, you may ask? Answer: I need some homes available to rent.

Here’s the rub. I have sellers with contracts on their houses that are scheduled to close soon, and no homes that fit their needs in Downtown Columbia long term. While we continue to search for their perfect home (or close enough) to purchase, they need a place to live.

As many of you probably know the rental market is not necessarily my wheelhouse. That said, if you or anyone you know of a rental opportunity that I may not know about w/ four bedrooms in 29204, 29205, 29206, or 29209 please give me a shout. My number is 803-447-8683 and email is .

Thank you!


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