No Driving/Doc’s Orders, & This Stuff

In case you’ve noticed a stall in my online action, it’s because I’ve been down and out via a little surgery last Friday. Again, it’s really no big whoop, but it does have me immobile for about a week.

Being home bound is not an easy thing. Most of me very much wants to suck it up and ‘get on with the world,’ but my brain (and wife) would rather ‘get this right,’ and not have to do it again.

When the docs and nurses informed me I wouldn’t be able to drive for a while, I thought to myself, “This is gonna honk, but OK…” After all, anyone that has a new cavern in their backside is sure to be sore. Yes, I’m hurting and moving makes it worse, but it’s just not that. The bigger picture, and what I didn’t realize, is that the meds I’m taking work. I mean…THEY WORK, and can understand why patients shouldn’t drive or make big decisions while consuming them.

I don’t know squat about drugs or medication, but I can type with all authority that these pain meds are effective. Further, I was reminded early in this venture to “Stay ahead of the pain.” That’s certainly a big deal, to be sure.

I’m on the uptick now, and hope to be in the office within a day or two. In the meantime, thank you for contacting and for anything at all.

Thank you!

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