Newspaper Sales Must Be Awful!!!

“HOME SALES PLUNGE” – This is the front page, above the fold headline we saw the other day. If you saw it, you noticed that the font size would rival “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.” If memory serves, I think The State even spent the money to put a red background behind the font for emphasis. At the end it reads, “See Business, Page B9.”

“HOUSING MARKET COOLS BUT IS STABLE” – This is what we found when we searched for “See Business, Page B9.”

Good grief! Need sales??? I heard a pretty good quote today. One of my buddies said, “People in Columbia don’t read The State for news. They only read The State because they live here.”

Of course, I thought about it for a moment before I found myself shaking my head. I hope and wish that this were not true, but it seems like this statement may be right on the money. I read and defend The State regularly, but sometimes it seems like The State would like to peddle a few papers at the expense of the well being of the community it “covers.”

Since Columbia’s market is “stable,” this is an opportunity for our area to shine. At least for our community and at best for the sake of economic development, “our newspaper” should not sensationalize a headline of doom for more quarters in their machines (or at Starbucks).

As a Columbia resident, I shake my head as I type…

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