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Hello!! If you’re new to this site, chances are you arrived here from clicking a black F|A logo. If that’s the case, welcome to the blog! As you click around a little, you’ll notice I’ve typed about anything/everything for a little over five years. This post (video above & text below) is a recent one I thought you might enjoy for your first visit.

Again, if you’re new to the blog, WELCOME! We hope you’ll visit often!

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Last year was big for video in the real estate industry. Thousands of Realtors are doing peronal video bios, listings are all over YouTube, and virtual tours are getting a little better. Nationally, Coldwell Banker put a lot of stock in video and from what I hear, it was a good move.

If you remember, some months ago I put a ton of time into finding just the video product I was looking for. In case you’re new to the blog, or don’t remember the blog post, here’s the finished product of “Tanglewood.” The project was a grand-slam home run that raised the real estate video level, times X. Realtors from across the country emailed awesome reviews, including a top producing team’s media manager @ The Corcoran Group in New York, NY. (I knew I had something good, but the Corcoran thing solidified it for me, BIG TIME!)

Since then, there have been some fun and creative listing videos made. For example, fellow Realtor, Dan Hamilton (Greenville), has produced some good products as well.

AshWorth Place,” is another example of this. As you’ll see, my videographer partner catches the scerenity of the property’s setting and amps it up for an overall intense two minutes of awesome real estate viewing pleasure.

Once again, this has been a fun project for the team, and a cool example of our brand or real estate. I don’t want to over do it here, but it’s sharp, polished, and we like it.

If you or anyone you know could take advantage of this style of real estate marketing please call or email or .

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  1. Love it! Also love that Amanda made sure her bag was in the video…Priceless!

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