New Not USC & Not Carolina Logos.

The University of South Carolina has an identity situation and may have doubled down on the problem with the latest logo reveal. 

As we all know, to most of the earth and assuming all aliens, the term and mark of “Carolina” and/or “USC” does not compute to The University of South Carolina. There’s no reason to be mad or disappointed at this point. Love it or hate it, I think we lost the “USC” battle to Southern Cal in court, and we lose the “Carolina” battle to a super recognizable color, academic standard, elite trophy case, and Michael Jordan to, gulp, “Carolina.”

This all said, I’m not a graphic designer so I can’t offer much help, but I’m pretty good and knowing what’s visually attractive, and/or, meaningful. The images above are not next level. 

There must be a proud Gamecock student or alum that has graphics talent and a design eye, right? 
Franklin Jones

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