New Moore School Renderings Public

Flagship Program At USC Is Getting Even Better
A few days ago, the renderings of USC’s new Darla Moore School of Business were introduced to the public. All USC alumni are surely ecstatic about Mrs. Moore’s commitment, and the future of the program.
The building itself looks to be a fine domicile of higher learning. Is it an architectural masterpiece?…Dunno. Is it USC’s finest structure?….Probably not. Is it timeless?…Probably not. This all said, it’s very 2011 and perhaps that’s the point.
As we all know, USC is a “City Campus,” and this fits the mold. There’s no real architectural uniformity to our University, and we embrace this. For instance, we have the timeless Horseshoe, surrounded by 1970’s style structures (Gambrell, South Tower, Patterson, the Coliseum, etc.), which is surrounded by newer pink and yellow facades (The Strom, and a few dorms, etc.) Actually, the new Moore School of Business looks more like a modern office/research campus, than a traditional Southern collegiate building. Again, perhaps that’s the point.
Congrats to The University of South Carolina and the new Darla Moore School of Business. I’m sure the interior of the new school will be a showplace, as it serves USC, Columbia and our state as a world class facility.
As a side note, I’m a big fan of the top being utilized as a rooftop pavilion. Nice touch…


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