Gotta Go Vote For Jonathan Milling!

If you know me or are a regular reader of this blog, you know full well that I like to be dialed into state and local politics. That said, I don’t love declaring bias for particular candidates on facebook, twitter, or this platform. I’ve learned that folks that fill their news feeds with political blurts either do more damage to their candidate than good and/or get labeled political wingnuts.

Think of it. Any time I’ve had an Obama, Trump, or Hillary sign in the front yard of a home I’m hired to market and sell, I coach and ask the seller to remove it immediately, regardless of the name.

Think of this, too. I’ve written and lived by the mantra, “As in politics, all real estate is (hyper) local.” The number one driver of this is our schools. I believe in it so much that after 10 years of being in the real estate business, I renamed our real estate team, “The Neighborhood Company,” because most of the value of your property (for more or for less, respectively) is directly related to the school zone.

That’s why this blog post is different.

I’m asking friends and readers to vote for Jonathan Milling for the At-Large position for Richland One School Board on January 31.

Jonathan is an awesome husband and father of four (TWO SETS OF TWINS!!!). I see him in attendance where my kids are involved, coaching in youth sports leagues, and even giving time as a swim team starter.

Here’s the thing. There are a lot of fine and involved parents out there. In my mind, the premium quality Jonathan offers to this race is accountability. This dude and dad isn’t going to be intimidated or scared to ask under lights and cameras, “Hey guys, where and why is this money going here?” or “What’s the deal with this?”

I’m not selling you, I’m telling you, for the good of your children’s school district, and your property values, you need to take the time to vote for Jonathan Milling on January 31. If you have an excuse whereby you can’t make the trip to your voting box, please call or text me at 803-447-8683 and we can work something out and/or make arrangments.

As I remind you again that all real estate value is hyper-local, regardless of the candidate you vote for, I’d love to hold you personally accountable as to whether you made it to the polls. (The voter file will show if you voted or not).

Thank you and go VOTE!

Franklin Jones

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