National Championship Stuff.

If you are a Gamecock, or from South Carolina and/or live in South Carolina and didn’t attend Clemson University (or are Clemson fans), you may be experiencing a sort of “push-pull” self confusion regarding college football’s National Championship Game Monday night. Check it;

“Any Gamecock fan who is pulling for Clemson to beat Alabama doesn’t understand recruiting nor the rivalry. You think Auburn fans are pulling for Alabama? #CmonMan”

“You can’t call yourself a true South Carolinian and pull against them (Clemson) Monday night. #cfc #Clemson”

These two quotes on Facebook are an awesome snapshot of how thousands of Gamecocks feel. Do I? Am I? Should I?

You may be thinking, “Do I pull for Clemson?” No…Mmmm, maybe a little? “Am I really hoping Clemson wins, and am I furious about it?” Mmmm.  “Am I jealous?”  Mmmmm…..brutal truth?

I guess it’s all personal…

Here’s where I am; I grew up a Clemson fan. Being from Anderson, SC, I went to a ton of Clemson games. I was in the stands for puntrooskie in ’88 and the fake was so good I still think the ball went over the FSU punter’s head haha. I remember where I was when Clemson beat Nebraska in ’81 – the basement of 1124 Springdale Road, 29621. I remember yelling and running around while mom was upstairs…

The Tigers used to stay at the Anderson Holiday Inn on Friday nights. Before they checked in for the night, they’d catch a movie at Market Place Cinemas. Well, that’s where Hanna students would hang out before we walked down to the Pizza Inn a few steps down the hill. I remember the Tiger players standing in the corner of the theater building. They were H U G E. William Perry was one of them….

All those random memories typed, I’m a Gamecock. I had four of the best years of my life as a USC student and probably live here now because I attended Carolina, and LOVE IT!!!

To be super real about it (and getting outside of the Natty conversation), USC gave me a shot when I may not have deserved one. I was a lazy academic student in high school and my SAT score sucked. I’m thankful for the opportunity.

I know this post won’t solve any debates. I haven’t even touched on the whole “Go SEC” thing. I’m just putting it out there that there is a space where some Gamecocks stand.

That all said….Congratulations to my Clemson and Anderson friends and family. It’s cool to watch you and yours have so much fun around something you love!


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