Solved. “PDQ” Coming To Devine Street.

PDQIf you live in Downtown Columbia you’ve surely seen the temporary sign across from Cross Hill Market (Whole Foods) that reads something like, “Are You Curious Yet?” You know the one. It’s the sign that’s taunting us in front of the new structure going up at the old Burger King site around where Devine Street morphs into Garners Ferry.

Apparently PDQ is coming to town. What’s PDQ? Well, here ya go;

Amy, Elizabeth and I tried to figure it out the other day while at the Shell Station on our way to a real estate conference in Charleston.  No luck, and we lost interest (at least I did).  That is until I got a text while holding my Open House this afternoon @ Blossom St.   Shout Out goes to Elizabeth Woodring Ross for figuring it out!   #Teamwork

Welcome to Columbia, PDQ!

Now we know. Thanks Elizabeth for the heads up!


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