Mother’s Day Has Whole New Meaning

This year Mother’s Day had a whole new meaning. My brother and sister, in our bias, could argue that we have the best mom of them all. As kids, mom was at every event and made so many things possible that, given her difficult financial situations, seemed very impossible.

Now that I’m a dad, I can more fully appreciate what being a mom is all about. A few years ago, I married a drop dead gorgeous woman who I shared a ton of common interests and a lot of fun times. Jenna Sparks Jones is much more. She is an unbelievable mother and Finley and I would be lost without her.

From the daddy side of things it seems that my wife was made for motherhood. From her sheer love of Finley to the daily management and care of her, my baby’s momma impresses me more and more every day.

Observing Jenna be the mom she is makes me even more appreciative of her and my mother, as well. Today may not make me a better son, dad or husband but thinking of all they do does makes me feel like a paternal punk.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mommies out there! Men may be from Mars and women may be from Venus but a great mom is a Godsend.

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