We Need Some More Schitt’$ Creek, Please!!!

Most fans already knew this and millions witnessed this morning on The Today Show that the awesome show, Schitt$ Creek, will be no longer.


I stumbled across this show a while ago and feel like a multi-level marketing drumline for this show.

I understand when actors and actresses want to end on a high note, and when Jonathan Michael (Johnny Rose) said that he’d like to play a little more golf. I get that. That said, this cast and crew, in my opinion, have a hit that hasn’t even started yet.

The storyline is endless.

Consider this: Let them be rich, again! Wouldn’t it be fun to see how extravagant the producer’s imaginations would go and how fun it would be to watch these characters in New York highrises drinking zillion-dollar scotch, and hanging out in ultra level suites at sports stadiums, Polo Matches, riding horses on fox hunts, The Masters, or having David be a guest of Jerry’s World in Dallas in his sweaters? Let Moira and Alexis go shopping on Rodeo Drive or Worth Ave. landing their helicopter at Mar-a-Lago or the grounds at The Breakers. Summer at The Hamptons and winter at a Palm Beach or Miami. They could have Prince Henry and Meghan Markle on the show in some way (I heard they are avail).

For me, the show has been a great late-nighter as the 20ish minute time bracket is just right. If I’m not asleep by the time the first one ends, it’s just easy to pop another.

Here’s the thing. I wish they’d let it go mainstream before they hang it up. The story, combined with this cast is so damn funny. Don’t punch me, but I’d rather watch Schitt’s Creek than Friends and Seinfeld back when. Schitt’s Creek is a little like Married with Children, but the Roses were mega-rich first and kept their ultra snob on when they were “broke.”

I can see a movie coming from Schitt’s Creek.

Come on, Schitt’s Creek. Let’s watch the Rose Motel grow into the Five-Star Rose Hotel chain (or AirBandB giant)!

The story is endless, IMO.

Franklin Jones


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