Momo’s Bistro on Devine Closing Doors

Folks that frequent the Devine Street corridor in Columbia learned of a sad state of affairs via Facebook this afternoon. A favorite restaurant and ‘hang out’ spot is closing it’s doors Saturday night.

Momo’s Bistro hasn’t been around for 100 years or anything, but the establishment is a favorite of many downtown residents. Personally, it’s certainly on my rotation of places to visit with friends.

The establishment has great food and an atmosphere that’s very pleasant. The lighting was right and the tables were spaced such that parties weren’t sitting on top of each other. Whether seated at an inside table, on the patio or at the bar you always hear friends laughing about something.

Momo’s will be missed by a lot of people. It’s one of those places that you could walk in and pretty much be assured that a friend or few would be there.


  1. Ricky Mollohan says

    this is a very sad thing. Mo Mo's is a great restaurant and this just goes to show how important it is these days for everyone to bypass the chain restaurants and choose the independents whenever it's possible. I own three local establishments and am often criticized for voicing the need for people to get out to eat too much. I've heard all too often that i should put a sock in it. But this is how dire a situation MANY places are in. it's just a shame that MoMo's is one of them. And i'm hearing from very reliable sources that there are several more local eateries on the verge of also closing their doors. So please folks, eat Independent! And to the MoMo's crew, hang in there and good luck! I'm pulling for you!

    Ricky Mollohan
    Mr. Friendlys
    Cellar on Greene

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