Mike Vick ≤ a Fart In Church…

Vicks‘ New Number: Chapter 11…

I know we’re only eight years in, but so far, this dude is pretty much the biggest waste of opportunity of the millennium. The fella with the $130 million contract, is going for bankruptcy. Awful. I can’t help but shake my head…..

Wachovia is calling in $1.1 million. $2.4 to The Royal Bank of Canada. The Falcons are attempting to retrieve $3.75ish million. Should we send him a bill???

Quick Rundown: Potential Heisman Candidate at VT, Puts VT on the College Football Map, Potential NCAA National Champion, Household Name, Quarterback in “The ATL,” Millionaire x 100!!!, Nike Contract, Potentially Best Athlete in the NFL…National Disgrace.

I know Vick’s life story has a long way to go, BUT DAMN…!!! What a terrible waste. Wonder what he will be thinking when he turns 35, 55 and 75 years old….?”

P.S. Younger brother, Marcus Vick, was just arrested for DUI. Head shaking again…


  1. Mama Vic says

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmpt. you know, with the way things is nowaday, you just never can tell. just ain’t right, just ain’t right.

  2. Anonymous says

    boy was sniffing too much of the vapor rub

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