Maybe Biggest Shot Ever, Until It Wasn’t.

UNCShotUNCShot1Marcus Paige, of the University of North Carolina, hit arguably the greatest and most memorable shot in college basketball history Monday night. Mr. Paige held the title, along with perhaps Christian Laettner (Duke) and Lorenzo Charles (NC State). His life was changed forever.

Enter 4.7 seconds of ‘basketballing’ time; Mr. Paige’s life, along with national sporting lore, was changed again.

As time went on Villanova star Kris Jenkin’s shot will prove to be the one singed in our memories. Over the next few decades, Jenkin’s buzzer beater will be the one branded by magazine photos and played time and again on TV.

Mr. Paige’s incredible memory stood for less than a minute. As one writer put it, “Marcus Paige hit the greatest shot that no one will remember.” While that’s not the most terrible title to own, its not the same as what it almost was.

“Oh well,” doesn’t seem to be a fair line to type. Paige’s shot was impossible looking as he seemingly shoved a three pointer in the basket from his awkward position, as UNC battled back from being down with not much time left. Perhaps a better thought is, “That’s sports.”

Paige’s shot was a topic of American conversation forever, for about a minute.


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