Massive Parking Shift @ Williams-Brice

This year’s edition of Gamecock football is stacked with game changers. One off field game changer, no doubt, will be the addition of 3,000+ parking spots in what used to be the S.C. Farmer’s Market.

USC enjoys an “off campus” stadium, which makes for some all day, all out tailgating. The dynamics of gameday parking has altered dramatically since I was in school (’91-’95).

For instance, “Greek Life” used to park at Tally Ho!, which was a dirt lot where Seawell’s now sits. Then came the era whereby thousands of fans actually purchased spots (own a deed/pay taxes on) for $5,000 – $50,000, depending on the team’s success and proximty to the stadium. It was during this phase when four luxury condo complexes changed the industrial, concrete landscape forever.

Fast forward to a shift of 3,000 tailgate spots on the Bluff Rd. side of Williams-Brice. Ultimately, this project will cost upwards of $30,500,000. This map shows you the layout and pricing, as I understand it. This link presents the game day parking info, including the Farmer’s Market. Notice charcoal grills are prohibited @ The Farmer’s Market, while gas grills are allowed.

If I’m not in Anderson, SC visiting our mom, I’ll be on the opposite side of the stadium from the new facility, splitting time between The Lizard’s Thicket corporate office, and hanging with friends at The Coop.

No matter where you park your Yukon or minivan, we all want the same two things; Have a good time, and leave each respective parking spot with a Gamecock win, only to do it again another day.

See you Saturday! (Hopefully)

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