Making Lives & Careers Better; KPA.

KPAAround 7AM Wednesday morning Alex and Dale Roberts scooped me at my house. My kids were still asleep, and my wife was waking as I put my overnight stuff in the Robert’s SUV.

Alex, Dale, and I headed to Rock Hill for “Career Visioning,” which is the new and better way to build a more perfect team and business, and for better success and happiness for everyone involved.  It’s intense, and because the course drills deep into a potential career worth having, it’s also personal. That said, it’s also next level, it’s big picture, and after a big picture is painted, a life canvas is compounded and stretched to what seems impossible, possible. What to do to get there is laid out with a thoughtful roadmap, and is a better way to best place people in the correct lane on the highway, or “seat on the bus.”

About 300 Realtors of the Carolina’s Region of Keller Williams were in attendance. The place was packed with all levels of the real estate and lending industry eager to learn. It was impressive and awesome and I’d go again tomorrow.

The pic above is the image that represents the “KPA” (clever logo). KPA stands for Keller Personality Assessment, which will replace the DISC Assessment and “AVA” Assessment. The KPA is pretty intense and not far from aggravating (I got up to pee twice). If you taken the assessment you know what I’m talking about. That said, the thing is pretty dead on and well worth the small self-inflicted cerebral challenge.

Do you know what your strengths are? Do you know what you’re weaknesses are? If yes (or no,) do you know the path to improve on your strengths/weaknesses, or hire to compensate accordingly? Isn’t it well worth it for you to know what your potential team member’s strengths and weaknesses are so you can make it work, or go another direction?

Here’s the thing: It’s about your vision for your career, and there is no right or wrong answer to any of it. It’s just a matter of vision, leverage, scale, attitude, and implementation (doing it!). Some folks want to do $5 million, and some want to do $500 million.

Guess what…? Both are possible. It’s just a matter of hiring the right people to carry out whichever vision you choose.

Honestly, it’s damn awesome, inspiring, and refreshing…and fun.

I was up early this morning for the second day of our training and head to the beach with the fam tomorrow morning (I haven’t packed a thing yet), so I need to sign off. I could type forever about Career Visioning and probably will.

Shout out to Dale and Alex for hauling my ars to Rock Hill and back!

Thank you!!

Franklin Jones

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