Mag Image Puts Andre In Email Inboxes

“Reinvention” of Andre Is More Of the Same: Hard Work
On Tuesday, I received a few emails with a link to this pic of Andre’. As many of us know Andre’ without poses, airbrushing, or this ‘look,’ the magazine artist certainly put together an interesting image.

Skimming/scanning the article really quickly, it doesn’t really tell Columbia residents anything we didn’t already know. Speeding, “They breed!”, airplane crash, Facebook friends, affection for seniors, et al., are nothing new to Midlands readers. That said, I can see where folks outside of the I-77 “beltway” would find the article informative.

The article didn’t really dive into his future, other than the obvious. We all know he’s going to continue to working hard and focus on his business. Well, quite frankly, I could have written that.

Here’s my one paragraph on their cover story subject: Andre Bauer is a tireless, flat-out, no-holds-barred do-er/hustler. For example, when others are selling 10 T-Shirts, Andre’ is selling 110. Perhaps to a fault, he’s open and candid. Andre’s future looks awesome b/c of his work ethic and world class Rolodex. To put it in my professional perspective, if Andre brought his work ethic to the Realtor world… It’s On, Like Donkey Kong.

Good for the writer, photographer and Black Box magazine. They produced an attention-grabbing, cool cover story of a statewide character.

What the article didn’t capture is why Andre’ chose Greenville as his 2011 home. A run for the US Senate or House of Representatives comes to mind. We’ll see…


  1. I think that there's a disonnect between people who follow politics and those of us who don't. Prior to reading this article all that I knew of Andre Bauer was:

    a) He was the Lt Gov.
    b) The stray dog comment.
    c) I see him at Earth Fare every once in awhile.

    I reckon that's true for 99% of the public.

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