Loving Litchfield In A Different Way

Litchfield + Baby Adds New Dimension To ‘Vacation’
It’s been a pretty slow blog week and for good reason. We’ve packed up the bags (in my case, the laundry basket) and meandered our way to our annual trip to Litchfield Beach, South Carolina.

Over the years I’ve listened to my friends talk about the difference between vacations without kids, as opposed to with them. I now understand the difference… AND HOW.

Even though my wife may be the perfect maternal manager, I still feel the day to day operation of being at the beach with a baby and surrounded by other small children. It’s not that it’s ‘hard,’ but rather a time management explosion.

It was only last year when we were sunning on the beach five or six times during the week, whereas this year I’m reporting to have only seen the sand in the sunlight once. It’s Thursday (I think).

On the homefront we have a lot of transactions going on and no matter how much help one has, our clients still deserve proper attention. That being said, the Columbia real estate world has become part of my daily calendar of what a full beach trip is, plus kids. Oooof. Thank goodness for Amy and Amanda as everything is running smoothly and on schedule.

Once again, South Carolina’s Litchfield Beach has provided an awesome week away from the daily grind. In the years to come, Finley will only grow and enjoy it more and more and I’m anxious to witness what’s ahead. After all, Litchfield is a ‘family beach’ and I’m already anxious to get back… as a family.

We all hope to hit the beach in the morning. We’ll see if Finley and the Blackberry/iTouch will yield and allow for a few relaxing hours.

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