Love The Beach, But Glad To Be Back!

FAbeachLike all good beach trips, our vacation to Litchfield has come to an end. Jennifer and I had a great time, and more importantly, I think Finley had one of the best weeks of her young life. It took Finley a while to get over last year’s awful jellyfish memories, but once she and the ocean became friends again the daddy/daughter fun hit a new level!

Monday morning the whole team will be back at Midtown with all cylinders pumping. Because of teamwork, our little practice had a lot of good things happen while Amanda and I were away with our families. That said, this week will be full of pure real estate hustle and grind. I can’t wait.

Thank you to any friends, clients, and readers for letting us have some time at the beach. Jennifer, Finley, and I had a HUGE time.

It’s on tomorrow!


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