Lockboxes Have Been Quiet For Too Long!

LockboxesWhat a long two weeks it has been. Actually, it seems like the world has been on hold since December 20, 2013 (The Friday before Christmas).

Naturally we often see a little lull of activity around Christmas Day. This year, however, the real estate world took a power nap. Since Christmas and New Year’s Day fell in the middle of their respective weeks, not much has been going on since the Friday before Christmas Day, at all.

Don’t get me wrong. We were busy. Tomorrow is only the 7th day of the year and we’ll be turning in our 4th closing of 2014. That said, these closings were produced from showings and contracts that were written last month. “What’s slow then?” you may ask. Answer: Showings. Lockboxes all over town have been pretty dormant for the last two weeks. They’ve been so slow, in fact, that I’ve coached sellers to wait until after the holidays to list their property. If you know me, this isn’t how I usually operate….at all. Usually I’m, “Yup. I’m ready. Let’s go right now.” However, I felt I’d be doing sellers a disservice as they would lose any mojo or zing their fresh listing can bring.

All this said, in my mind tomorrow is the first business day of 2014. I’m so ready for it. I’m ready for lockboxes to start popping (there was some good activity this weekend), and ready to begin our new year.

If 2013 is any indication, 2014 is going to be a mind blower. (I’ll post 2013 stats in a later post).

Thank you!


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