Homes In Heathwood & Shandon Fetch Contracts

After a long real estate journey, as of today, the two homes in the pics above are finally Under Contract. One is my listing, and one is not. Nevertheless, there are two “sides” to every real estate transaction, and both have specific merits and challenges.

If you live in downtown Columbia, SC, you’re sure to know the top picture as it sits handsomely atop the crossroads of Adger and Berkeley, looking down a Heathwood hill. Pretty cool spot, to be sure. When the flags are blowing, it looks not too unlike my visual of Appomattox Courthouse. That may be a stretch, but you get the idea. Given the location and topography of the lot, it stands tall from the street and is recognizeable by most everyone. All this considered, it’s sort of a statement/landmark house.

The second pic above is the cool house in Shandon with the slammin’ kitchen. Sloan St. is a very short street off of Burney, which not many folks know about. The buyers of this home endured the everlasting conundrum of; “Do we buy a little more house in Rosewood, or pay a little more to live in Shandon.” The couple chose the latter. For Sloan’s sake, I’m glad they did!!!

Once again, I hope I’m not jinxing these sales by typing about them. That said, I think it’s nice to share some of what’s going on in the market, that most of the public doesn’t know about.

As a bonus to everyone involved, both properties enjoy “clean” (non-contingent) contracts.

Next up? Inspections!

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