Litchfield by the Sea Loses Landmark

Old Oak Tree at Resort Entrance Has Finally Broken
Anyone who’s ever traveled north on US-17 in the Pawley’s/Litchfield area has certainly noticed the oddly shaped oak tree at the entrance of Litchfield By The Sea. Obviously, I get a close-up every time because the area’s staple Starbucks is in the lobby of the resort. 🙂
Jenna, Finley and I were on our way to Sam’s on Forest Dr. to load up on blueberries when we got a Text Message of the poopie news. A few minutes later, we learned that the old broken tree was still laying there in the grass, and “it looked pretty sad.” I’d hate to be the one standing on it when it finally snapped.
Over the years, millions of beach goers have noticed the tree and I’m sure thousands have used it as an awesome backdrop for family photos. When I turn off of 17 for my Starbucks, I often see families dressed in khaki’s and white shirts or wedding parties standing around the iconic tree for pictures.

Must admit, I wish we had snapped a few. Too late… :/

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