“Lined Up Like Airplanes On A Runway”

Some Realtors are competitive, while some simply like to keep up with who’s doing what in the marketplace. One Realtor friend of mine, who I see on a regular basis, enjoys telling everyone in the room how many homes we’ve sold. He frequently uses an airport tarmac as an illustration saying, “Franklin & Co. have the closings lined up like jets on a runway. They’re all on schedule and ready to take off.” I think it’s a pretty funny parallel.

I typed that short diddy because at the moment, he’s right on target. Last Wednesday, for about five hours, Amanda and I had 17 ‘sides’ Under Contract. Remember, in every real estate deal (in theory) there are two ‘sides.’ At present, we have an unusual number of ‘both sides,’ which is contributing to such a large number of Pending Contracts.

I’d love to attribute this big number to things like hustle, strategery, sphere of influence, and a great overall network. However, I’d be fibbing if I didn’t attribute it to a simple but important facet of this business; timing. We’ve been collecting contracts since we opened the year with a big, seven side January. In short, we had a ‘closing lull’ in February, and it caught up to us.

A few folks in my office are aware of this monster number, and to be sure, they’re scratching their heads. Now that I’m typing about it, perhaps some of my buds will understand why I’ve been off the grid for a little while, and why I’m so anxious about Amanda’s return to the office.

Now that some of these contracts are hitting their closing dates (Somerton, lot in Wildewood, D. Avenue, Briarwood), the pressure is starting to release. SHEWWW!

Funny thing, as I type about our much needed closings tonight, one of my seller clients is going to wake up Monday morning with a shiny new offer in their inbox. I have no idea whether they read this blog or not, but I’m confident there will be a smile on someones face…and another ‘Pending Contract’ on our office white board. 🙂

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