“A Disney Village In Shandon.”

Not All Town Homes Are The Same. #SimsAlley !!
A few days ago we put this awesome Shandon town home on the market. As many of you know, there aren’t many opportunities to purchase a town home in popular Shandon “proper.” For starters, it’s the corner of Wheat & Sims. #HeartofShandon #PrimoLocation

When most folks think of “Sim’s Alley,” they immediately associate the half block development with the wooden carports surrounded by a gray fence. IMO, “the fence” does Sims Alley an injustice, as, while it’s nice, the fence hides what’s really there. Once people walk into the opening it’s a whole ‘nother experience. Just ask my wife….She was STUNNED! The azaleas are full and tremendous, and the wide cobblestone walkways are a fun surprise.

Here’s how one buyer’s agent described it a few years ago…”Wow, Franklin. It’s like a Disney Village in Shandon. Every step I expect a Dinsey character to pop out of the bushes.”

Pretty good visual!

1 Sims Alley may be the best-positioned town home in the whole place. If you’ll click the link and browse the pics, you’ll see what I’m talking about.  #1 is an end unit, which means it’s only steps away from the coveted covered parking. Further still, the courtyard is AWESOME! Further, #1 is on the Wilmot Ave. side of the complex, which equates to super-convenient additional street parking.

If you or anyone you know would like to live in a low maintenance, premiere Shandon town home, please call 803-447-8683 or email franklin@mycolumbiahome.com or amanda@mycolumbiahome.com .

#1 Sims Alley is a pleasure to show and we’re never more than a few minutes away.

Thank  you!

Franklin Jones

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