Letting The Blog Rest A Little Tonight..

As some of you know it kinda bothers me to disrupt the rhythm of the blog.  If I can help it, I rarely skip more than two or three business nights without posting.   That said, this is one of those nights!
If you haven’t heard, last week Amanda and I closed our 100th house of 2012.   As a, “Thank You!!” we threw a little diddy at The Oyster Bar @ The Vista for the folks involved in the sales.
I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time and filled up on seafood.  I know I did.   After all, I’ll always enjoy hanging out with clients and friends with shrimp, oysters and cocktails everywhere.
Since Amy hasn’t thrown me any photos yet for the header pic, I’m using one of our other fun marketing gigs as a filler.
Thank you for the pass tonight!

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