I have to tell ya…I had fun on Saturday morning.

My daughter that is the least engaged in anything and doesn’t give a crap about much, Ivey, had her first soccer game early Saturday morning and it was amazing.

Many of you may have seen a few pics on Dorothy Robinson Beaudreau’s Facebook post and you know what I’m talking about.

Waking up on Saturday morning I’m betting most of the parents thought, “Good grief this is early. Why are we doing this? This sucks, and this game is going to suck.” I actually had a dad tell me later Saturday night the exact words, “Dude, I thought this was going to suck.”

It did not suck.

It was an awesome experience that I won’t soon forget, and The Scrunchies played their arses off and what had been a rather timid and docile group of girls completely came alive for their game on a cold Saturday morning.

Shout out to my friends and fellow girl dads, Beau Beaudreaux and Morris Lyles, for keeping everything straight and subbing in and out with the anxious Scrunchies on the sidelines.

I’d also like to point out images two and three above. As we were walking to Baskin Robbins to celebrate Ivey’s victory my Fitbit started being cranky and I looked down and I had 10,000 steps by 10:20ish AM. That may be a record for me…haha

After further analysis, please check out the “calories burned” during a Scrunchies game (Saturday @ 8:50 AM) compared to playing tennis for relatively the same amount of time. I was stunned. If you know me, I love me some tennis and am very active and “gettin’ it” while I’m out there. That said, I burned more cals with the Scrunchies than on the tennis court minute vs. minute.

All that to say, if you’d like to get some great exercise while having some fun, coaching a six-year-old soccer team may be your ticket.

I had forgotten how much fun this was. My buddy Damon Jeter and I used to coach a few teams on the NECSA fields on Polo Road some years ago.

Congratulations to the Scrunchies and I’m happy for my friend and also girl dad, Reeves Rutledge, as he’s back in town and takes over as coach.

The Scrunchies have created a team culture of fun and playing hard. We are 1 and 0, our momentum is infectious and powerful, and our pony and pigtails are high and tight!


If you can’t tell…I love being a girl dad. 🙂

Franklin Jones

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