Late Night Catfishing Is Hard to Beat

This weekend presented an opportunity of simple relaxation. Late Saturday and Sunday nights we were able to hit the Congaree River for some late-night catfishing.
The way it usually goes is around midnight, my brother will scoop me up from Shandon and we head to the Rosewood landing. We’re loaded down with rods, coolers, chairs, and two containers full of chicken livers. I’m almost embarrassed to report that I lived in Columbia for over 10 years before we found this easy river access.

Memorial Day weekend allowed us a great opportunity to hang out and try to tackle some good fighting catfish. I have to admit, our efforts produced zero results as we didn’t catch squat in two nights of slinging chicken livers in the water. No big deal, as we had a great time regardless.
If the river is ‘up’ and moving swiftly, it’s pretty obvious that any efforts will be fruitless. Nevertheless, it’s hard not to challenge the situation and just do the best you can.
Saturday night my brother Michael Jones and I stayed until about 2:00 AM. On Sunday night, lifelong friend Trav Robertson decided to forgo a short stint away from Sheheen for Governor and holiday slumber to join our efforts until about 3:00AM. Even though we lost about a dozen hooks, dozens of sinkers, and countless bait, it’s hard to imagine a better time.
Maybe the next holiday we can report a different result but this weekend provided nothing more than an awesome time together and the ability to do it again.

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