KW University @ Pamela Temple!

Wednesday many professionals, Realtors and not, gathered together at Midland’s Technical College – Airport Campus to attend a class offered by Keller Williams University.

This particular class is called, “Quantum Leap.” Keep in mind that Keller Williams is the #1 training company in the world, among all industries. That said, Quantum Leap is not real estate specific. It’s more about life and can be appliedĀ to all professions.

To see the word “Quantum” followed by the word “leap,” most folks immediately think of possible synonyms; Huge, enormous, or gigantic. Conversely, “quantum” is defined as, “The smallest possible discreet unit of any physical property….”

Gary’s lesson is to be all your life can be. To be sure, our bodies are bones wrapped in a bag of skin that have opportunities to do and achieve and instill in others incredible things. Gary’s lesson is for your life to Be, Do, Have, and Give.

How do you do this?

In quantum leaps.

Going small.

Your 20%.

Working on your big rocks, only.

Establishing habits (that sometimes even become rituals).

Staying in your lane and trusting others to do what’s in theirs.

Focusing on your one thing such that by doing it everything else will become easier or unnecessary.

…and succeeding through others.

To take a line he included in a poem, “I am a human being – not a human doing.” Well? What is your human doing?

Pamela Temple is one of my favorite speakers/teachers within the Keller Williams training and coaching system. She knows her stuff, she’s enthusiastic about it and real. She lives it in her life and business and it shows. I’m proud to have gotten to know her and her husband over the last few years. Kent, her husband, is a top-shelf instructor, too!

One of the pics above has a flip chart that reads, “YOU, Inc.,” with three evaluation options.

Ask, from your company:

1 -“Do you deserve a raise?”

2- “Do you deserve a stern talking to?”

3- “Do you deserve a termination letter?”

Ask yourself. Right now.

Look back at that paragraph. Did you ask yourself? My bet is #2 or #3 is in order. For the record, I said #2.

During class a thought I wrote down in the last year or so popped back into my head, “Are you doing this to the best of your ability, or are you doing it the best it can be done?” Think of the exponential difference. If the answer is the former, you may need to replace yourself with someone better than you to do it so you can get back in your lane.

BIG SHOUT OUT to KW University and Pamela Temple of The Temple Team Sales for traveling to Columbia, SC to throw down some knowledge and help take us to the new levels!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

-Pic credit Jim Broach!

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