KW Mega Agent Camp Is So Good.

Some of you may have noticed that I skipped a whole week from blogging. Well, I was in Austin, Texas with the best and the brightest minds in real estate at Keller William’s annual Mega Camp event.

Mega Camp is one of two annual “national convention” interactions that KW provides. The other is “Family Reunion,” which is super fun and action packed with somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 attendees with smaller (some 100 and some 2,500 classes deep) classroom settings. Mega Camp is more of a huge room, big picture, 50,000-foot in the air viewpoint of real estate. It’s more of working ‘on’ the business, as opposed to working ‘in’ the business.

I’ve attended four Family Reunions but this is my first Mega Camp. Not that I/we didn’t qualify or anything, but the dates just didn’t work out. One year Amanda was pregnant with James, one year we had a hurricane hit our coast, and it’s always the week before school starts in Columbia. That all said, I get it now and I’m glad I went.

If you’re a Realtor, some of the subjects we discussed are the new “Disappearing Cap” opportunity, the Expansion Owner opportunity, and “Kelle,” our new AI (artificial intelligence) which is like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, but for real estate. All this, combined with an agent count of 175,000ish agent count is KW’s unfair, win/win, present day and future advantage and opportunity for Realtors, and most importantly, our seller and buyer clients.

Here’s a nugget from a small group mastermind led by Dianna Kokoszka (shorthand version w/ my slant):

Preacher and a smoker are hanging out. Smoker says to the preacher, “Preacher, is it OK if I smoke while I pray today.” Preacher says, “Um. No?! That’s not good and you should respect the Lord when you’re in prayer.”

Next month smoker says, “Preacher, I’m a smoker. Is it OK if I pray while I smoke?” Preacher says, “Of course, friend. There is never a bad time to be in prayer.”

To do the best for your clients, ask the questions better…

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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