KW Family Reunion is Awesome!

We are home!

You may have seen a¬†ton of REALTORS posting on Facebook this week about traveling to Anaheim, California. We were part of that awesome pilgrimage to learn from the best and the brightest of the real estate industry. This is our team’s 4th Family Reunion (National Convention) under the Keller Williams banner and we’re so impressed that we’re already planning for number five.

My top three takeaways from this trip that don’t include nuggets from the break-out sessions:

  1. I have a new appreciation for “charm.” I love the South and at some level can see the architecture around me. Upon my return, I now realize I’ve taken this for granted. I was 3,000 miles away and Heathwood, Shandon, Wales Garden in Columbia, and The Boulevard in Anderson were never so beautiful.
  2. Gary Keller solidified, again, that he is the titan of this industry. Oil has Rockefeller, steel has Carnegie, rail has Vanderbilt, tech has Gates and Jobs. Gary Keller is that person of our industry.
  3. J.T. Livingston. I’ve known J.T. casually for years, but only recently actually gotten to know him on a personal and professional level. Almost three years to the day, J.T. and I joined Keller Williams. Truth told I got a few calls thinking we left our previous companies to join KW, together. It was purely circumstance. I even called J.T. the day we joined the company as we were mutually shocked about each other.

Why am I typing about J.T.¬†Livingston? This REALTOR was called to the stage as the #20 single agent within the KW franchise of the North and South Carolina Region. Now that we both understand the bigger picture of real estate sales together, I’m celebrating him because he deserves it. (For clarity, there are three categories: Single-agent/Teams/Groups).

This was a career moment for my friend. I don’t want to overstate here, but J.T. Livingston’s career may be the best and most inspiring real estate story in the Midlands. I am proud and impressed and look forward to watching him form and grow the new “J.T. Livingston Group.”

This post is a lot for some, and not much for many, but those are my takeaways from this year’s KW Family Reunion! We had such a big time and are already prepping for next year in NOLA! If you or anyone you know would like to know how to be a part of it, lemme know!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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