KW ‘Family Reunion’ Is A Very Big Deal!

KWFamilyReunion-600x400In the seven or eight years I’ve been blogging, I can’t think of a longer period of time between ‘posts’. In the last few days I’ve been asked, “What gives?” and “What’s going on?” Well, we’ve been in Orlando, Florida since Saturday night at Keller Williams National Convention, better known as, “Family Reunion.”

We began our journey Saturday morning, and arrived in Orlando around 5PM. The first event of our weekend was The Carolina’s Region Award’s Banquet. The place was slammed with mega agents and teams from North and South Carolina. We were flattered to be in attendance, and were publicly recognized for joining the brand in the last couple of weeks as they threw our accolades on the big screens and presented us with Platinum medals laced with bright KW red ribbons. It was a very nice affair and KW certainly went above and beyond to recognize our attendance. As far as rankings go with our new brand, if I’m correct, we would have finished 9th or 10th in the Region for the company and somewhere between #4 – #6 within the Palmetto State.

I won’t bore you with a play by play of details, but I will say this: I’ve blogged time and again about being addicted to this profession and industry. That said, in Orlando, we were doused and even drowned into a culture of real estate professionals that aren’t only addicted to their jobs, but straight up ravenous about results, and their careers. I’m not kidding – At KW…It. Is. On. The whole weekend was like watching the Opening Ceremony of The Olympic Games, with teams from all over North America transporting through crowd after crowd, all wearing red, white, or black. It was a sight…

The nightlife was no different, as team after team would hang out together, meshing as a sea of red schwag, exchanging business cards, and real estate war stories.

This week was an eye opening experience, and I was glad Amanda (and I) could see it first hand. I knew what we were getting into, but not quite sure the win/win culture had swelled into what we experienced over the last few days. In short, we learned a lot, and are motivated to take our efforts to the next level, and the next, and the next. Family Reunion showed us we’ve found the folks and models to show us the way.

Thank you for your patience as I’ve been away from the blog for a few days. In the big picture of things our clients will be the winners from the experience and knowledge we’re bringing to our Columbia real estate market.

Thank you!!


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