Knowledge/Teamwork = Happy Friends

In the world of residential real estate sales, days like today are pretty tough to beat. It’s not often when we get to watch a transaction come full circle, then, via networking, teamwork, and loyalty, loop around again.

Consider this. Our awesome friends and clients, pictured above (obviously), purchased a home from my team manager, Amy, and I a few years ago. Fast forwarding to 2011, a few weeks ago, we facilitated the listing and sale of the same Cannon St. (Shandon) home. Fast forward to today… Seth and Anna purchased a house Amanda and I listed, not too many blocks away.

Wait, there’s more. Amanda and I listed and sold the same house a few months ago to a contractor/builder client, who with the help & vision from Anna, produced the polished home we closed on today. In Realtor speak, that’s seven real estate “sides.”

To be clear, I’m not typing to boast about the real estate transaction sides or the volume. The reason for this post is to illustrate how unreal the power that client loyalty, market knowledge/info, and teamwork can produce. If any of these three facets weren’t present, Seth and Anna would still be looking for a house, and would therefore have missed the opportunity to sell theirs.

Congratulations to Seth and Anna Rose, Evan Wilson, Amanda, and Amy, all the way around. Today was a perfect microcosm of how buying and selling can work in today’s real estate world.

P.S. Seth is the County Councilman for much of 29205. If you don’t know him, or have his email or # on hand, give us a call and we’ll get it to you. He wouldn’t have it any other way!

P.S.S. In her time away from the pharmacy, Anna’s taste and touch has transformed an otherwise great house, to magazine level. #Impressed

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