Kinsey’s Birthday. She’d Be 39 Monday

Knowing that Monday is Kinsey’s birth date and Tuesday is the anniversary of her death, Jennifer and I decided to travel to Manning to be with the Black family. I felt bad about strolling in Manning Methodist a few minutes late, but I don’t think anyone minded. Mr. and Mrs. Black were in their usual seats, of course.

We left the church to find ourselves eating lunch among the fine folks of Manning. In my bias, Manning, SC is populated with some of the friendliest folks on earth.

After going to the Black’s home to pick up a large bouquet of flowers, we made our way to the cemetary. As Jennifer and I visit Kinsey throughout the year, going to the cemetary with the Blacks somehow makes the moment ‘deeper.’

Obvioulsy, I don’t mean to bring up sad moments by this post. I’m simply typing to remind friends that, “It’s that time of year.”

It was a good day in Manning.

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