King’s Grant Takes Holiday Seriously

Halloween is on a Different Level in King’s Grant
King’s Grant is an all around fun community. The pool, tennis courts and walking trails are only a small part of what makes this a great place to live and visit. One facet that makes KG so fun is Halloween night.
I don’t know this for sure but I’ll bet there’s between 50 and 75 golf carts buzzing around the “loop” and various culde-sacs. The groups of kids act as human obstacle course as the golf carts attempt to wind through all the costumes. The kids that aren’t going door to door or standing in the street (teenagers) are most likely cruising around on of a few hay rides that are going on.
Smoke is oozing from front doors and big screen TV’s/projectors are pulled into driveways so everyone can catch the Gamecocks (hate to mention this). There are probably more parties going on at more houses here than any other day of the year.
I wish I had some pictures but it was dark and the only camera I had was my phone. Boooo

to King’s Grant for another great event. I don’t ever mean to over exaggerate anything but Halloween in King’s Grant is a pretty fun night.

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