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As I go through my routine I’m often asked, “How’s the market?” I’m also asked about specific neighborhoods and lately I’ve often been asked, “What’s new in King’s Grant?” If you’ve been keeping up or care about what’s going on in KG, you’re aware the inventory has been pretty “tight” for some months now.

Here’s what I know that comes to mind. Some Zillow knows about, some it doesn’t..

-I think there are something like five houses on Somerton Place for sale. I know at least two are Under Contract at moment. I think two signs are currently in front yards.

-As of a few days ago there are two homes on W. Tombee for sale. One is Under Contract “Non-Contingent,” one is not.  The Non-Contingent one is scheduled to close the first week of April.

-House on Davant Place is Under Contract.

-Another house on Davant Place could be purchased.

-Three homes (maaaaybe four) on Tombee will be on market soon or could be purchased if the sellers can find something suitable for their needs.

-House on N. King’s Grant is for sale.

-Two homes on Oakman Ct. are for sale.

-A polished home on an interior cul-de-sac in the back of the neighborhood can be purchased for a mil.

-One on Airy Hall will likely be for sale soon.

-A home is for rent on Point Comfort.

-One house is currently on market on Foot Point. Three more on the way, two of which depend how their new purchases go. One is currently on Facebook that should hit MLS any day now.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on!

Its late and this is all from memory, but that’s some of what’s happening in King’s Grant. If you’d like to talk about anything in particular, our number is 803-220-4447, or please email or .

Disclaimer: Some of these may or not be my listings now or in the future, but I’ll tell you what I know or get in touch with the Sellers and/or Realtor(s) that have given me the info.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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