King’s Grant Pine Tree Alters Weekend…

My Saturday/Sunday went from lazy to hazy because a pine tree fell on this King’s Grant home.
When this house on Ravenwing became a victim of the huge winds on Saturday, I had the great task of babysitting this nice Schnauzer. A few buddies decided to help babysit, as we watched the Duke/UNC basketball game.

Since the wife was in her hometown for the weekend, a few of us decided to take a quick trip to the Publick House so we could have ourselves a wing night.
The dude sitting with the visiting dog, is researching an upcoming trip to Vegas. I can’t tell if he is mesmerized, or just confused…
That pine tree turned a lazy nap filled weekend, into a house full of unhealthy vittles and living room full of Star Wars bar scene lookin’ characters.
P.S. I have no idea why the dogs left ear is bent…


  1. A Dog Lover and Big Franklin Fan says

    Now Franklin, that’s what I call customer service!! You have my vote for Realtor of the Year.

  2. Uhm, maybe the tree fell on the dog’s ear? Or maybe he is a good listener,”let me bend your ear,” as are all good dogs.

  3. dog lover,

    Thanks! I try my best! The dog was actually awesome, although I woke up to 3 “surprises” on the floor on Sunday morning….

  4. redm8dn,

    Hmmmm, I haven’t figured out your clever “redm8dn” yet.

    Maybe the tree did fall on his ear! I’ll have to ask his parents about that.

    I’ll bet “Oscar” had no idea that he would be staying up till about 3:30 Saturday morning. Maybe his ear was just tired, and went limp.

  5. Who’s house is that?

  6. meghan,

    It’s the Denemark’s home on Ravenwing.

    A neighbor called me b/c the Denemarks were out of town for the day. I went over there to make sure it wasn’t too bad, and to take pics for insurance purposes.

    No one noticed until they saw me taking pictures. We created our own little King’s Grant traffic jam!

  7. Anonymous says

    Consider yourself lucky that Oscar only left you 3 surprises. He ate my shoes! But he was still adorable and loveable.

    Glad to see he is still around!


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