King’s Grant Home For Sale @$467K

Late last week I was asked to represent the property at 2 Huspah in King’s Grant.  As you can imagine, I gladly took the owner up on the opportunity.

As we were in the house taking pics and whatnot, I had a fleeting thought:  It’s not often a property hits the market in King’s Grant in the mid $400’s, on a street that begins with anything before the letter “M.”

Many readers may not be aware, but the streets in King’s Grant are in alphabetical order.  Airy Hall, Bolen, Castle Hall, Cotton Hope, Davant, Fenwick, Fish Haul, Foot Point, Hobonny, Huspah.  I may have omitted a few, but you get the idea.

Huspah is one of the quietest streets in all of King’s Grant.  It’s a short street that connects North King’s Grant Dr., and nestled between the two Foot Point “loop” entry points.

The floor plan here will be ideal for many sets of buyers.  It’s a split, semi-open floor plan, with almost all of the living on the first level.   The FROG (bonus room) is large, separated from the reste of the home, and enjoys it’s own private bath.  In short, the floor plan will speak to a lot of buyer’s needs.

In a few days 2 Huspah will be staged.  We’re bringing in some slammin’ furniture, and will “Pottery Barn” things up a bit, complete with a couple of chairs and a large planter to add some pop to the front.   Ideally, someone will appreciate the opportunity to be in this section of King’s Grant in the mid $400’s before the stagers have time to set everything up!

If you or anyone you know would like to preview this King’s Grant home, please call or email or .

Thank you!


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