King’s Grant; Columbia’s “Strongest” Neighborhood in ’07

The Columbia neighborhood that hasn’t missed a beat.

So far this year, 17 homes have closed in King’s Grant. The average price is $584,204.00. The average price/ft. is a strong $167.22. My biggest listing in KG is one of the “boat drivers”, closing at $179.21/ft. It is the 2nd highest price sold in 2007, at $650,000. Compare with the list below…
Heathwood – $148.67
Shandon – $147.24
Lake Katherine – $140.88
Wales Garden – $149.05

Keep in mind, that these older neighborhood boundaries are not as easily defined as a gated ones. Therefore, there is some “border junk” that may need to be considered. I simply did a quick search of what neighborhoods the listing agents labeled their listings.

I should mention too, that it is not a perfect market in KG. Houses are staying on the market a little longer than usual. One reason for this is that Sellers set their price too high in the beginning, to “see what will happen.”

At the moment, there are 3 houses on the market in KG, and 2 are “Pending Contract.” In my view, two of them (both patio homes on Oakman) are “aggressivly priced.” At the moment, I know of four (maybe 5) “secret houses” that will sell if I bring a buyer.

I realize that new, gated neighborhoods aren’t for everyone (I live in Shandon). I just thought it may be interesting to folks what Columbia’s leading neighborhood is getting for their homes.

Congrats King’s Grant!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog yesterday. I live in Druid Hills (and we LOVE it), and we are renovating our house. I know which house you are refering to on Bagnal (see below) and I’m curious to what the upgrades were inside. I can’t get over the fact that it sold for $134 a sq. foot. Do you still have the property’s listing? Would you mind sending it to me?

    Thanks, ALR

    Honorable Mention: Druid Hills. Man o’ man, have I sold the homes in here. This is the area behind the Lizard’s Thicket and Morganelli’s on Forest Dr. Cute two and three bedroom bungalows in here. Again, this neighborhood seems to be for the person who does not want to pay the Shandon prices, or can’t find (or don’t want to live) in Rosewood. Very Hot Area. For the 3rd time in 3 years, I’ve broken the record for price per foot. We are now over $130/ft in Druid Hills, thanks to a little listing on Bagnal Dr.

  2. anonymous,

    Im glad you love Druid Hills! It is a great area. I have a ton of friends in there.

    That stone house on Bagnal was just plain cute inside. Inside, it has a great kitchen (that was not overdone). Another feature that probably sold that house was the fact that it was nice, and it had two bathrooms. As you may know, it is pretty difficult to find a nice, move in ready intown house for under $150,000.

    I suppose the best thing about it, is the HUGE master bedroom w/ large master bath. The master suite was the width of the entire house. I was stunned.

    I’ll bet you can get that too. Maybe we can break another record!

    Email me at and I’ll send you the link.

    Great “Comment!” Thanks!

  3. Lets mention that King’s Grant lots sell for over $100,000, are larger than the lots in these other neighborhoods and are new brick construction.

    I think it’s difficult to compare older neighborhoods price per square foot and new construction.

  4. anonymous,

    You are correct. It is difficult to compare. I am simply saying that King’s Grant “held” it’s value per foot, when compared to other neighborhoods.

    Having said this, it is difficult not to include newer neighborhoods like King’s Grant, Gregg Park and “The Hamptons” as in-town. I could have separated new Columbia neighborhoods from old, but decided to include them all as “in-town”.

    I should mention that almost all (new and older) of the in-town areas, are doing better than many of Columbia’s suburban neighborhoods. Furthermore, all of in-town Columbia is doing just fine compared to national, state and county statistics…and should be proud.

  5. Thanks for your comments on Kings Grant. This has to be the best neighborhood in Columbia! I am one of those secret sellers in coming months in KG and I hope to get the market value. We have loved Kings Grant over the past 4 plus years and if we ever moved back to Columbia, there is no doubt where we would move! Thanks again!

  6. anonymous,

    No thanks needed. King’s Grant has certainly held it’s value, in it’s own right.

    At the moment, only two homes are on the market in KG. All of the other ones have sold. Now, not all of them have closed at a premium price, but at least they have closed.

    Do you have an open floorplan? What materials and colors are in your kitchen and baths?

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